Ergonomic work chairs for all purposes

We offer a broad selection of ergonomic work chairs and support chairs for various purposes. You can build your own work chair right at our website and tailor it to your needs. You select the colour, material, accessories and ergonomic design. You are also presented with a price calculated according to your selections. You will find variations of conceivable environments in our product range. We have chairs for homes, offices, medical facilities, schools, labs and industries.

Sound absorbers and noise-reducing furnishings

We manufacture and assemble sound absorbers for all kinds of rooms and needs. The sound absorbers improve the indoor environment considerably by reducing noise and improving acoustics. We counterbalance all of your acoustical problems whilst you decorate your working environment.

The product range has been tested and approved for the highest sound absorption class. Our cloth-covered sound absorbers can be ordered in optional forms and materials – we even specialise in customer-tailoring small volumes. The standard selection offers a wide array of sound-absorption for all conceivable environments.